LED Recessed Type
Inground Lighting Fixture

  Basic Options
 Light Source Color  4000K
 Control Interface  On/Off
 CE Mark  Yes
 ENEC Standards  Yes
 Warranty Period  5 Years
 L 70  > 60 000 Hours
 MacAdams  3 Step MacAdams
 Ambient Temperature  -25°C to +60°C
 CRI  >80
 Light Distribution  36°
 Light Source  GU10 LED BULB
 Connection Cable  2 pins Circular Type
 Elecrical Options  
 Power  GU10 BULB
Input Voltage   220V AC
 Customized Options  
 Power  3 - 12W
Led Qty   1
 CRI  >90
 Light Color  3000K, 6500K
 Control  Customizable
 Body Options  
 Body  Aluminium
Frame   Stainless Steel
Glass   Tempered Glass
Gasket   Silicone
 Protection Rating  IP67
 Impact Resistance  IK10
 Frame Color  Polished Stainless Steel
Dimensions   800Frame x H. 920xW:600(Body)
 Screws  316 Stainless Steel
 Product Code  Input  Power  Light Color  Control
 AXIS-GU.N.D.4.XX  220V AC  N*  4000K  On/off

Up to any GU10 Bulb power can be optional.

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