The standard design makes it easy to combine the three different sizes. Linear recessed inground. The powder coated surface completes the attractive, clear appearance.

To guarantee durability, high-quality materials such as corrosion resistant aluminium, toughened glass and stainless steel are used. An innovative ventilation system prevents condensation. The robust, dust proof housing, which is also protected against sprayed water, allows this lighting tool to be used for many years without any damage or maintenance. Thanks to the flexibility of the base element, CESAR achieves to meet every need for lighting in several fields of application: walls, surfaces of vehicular trafc, pathways, gardens and parks

Key Advantages

  • High corrosion resistance
  • High IP protection
  • Excellent light output
  • High Ambient temperature
  • Easy installation

Aluminium Body
Stainless Steel Frame
High Efficiency LED Lighting
High Power LED with Life Span 60.000 Hours
Anchor system
ENEC Standards
3 Step MacAdams
IP67, IK08

 Standard Product 
 Input  210-260V / AC 50-65Hz
 Control  On / Off
 Optic  25°
 Light Color  4000K
 Body Color  7016 Grey
 Frame  Stainless Steel
 CRI  >80
 Protection  IP67
 Impact Resistance  IK08
 Static Load Resistance  2000 kg
 Available Options 
 Input  24V / DC
 Optic  12°/20°/34°/45°/60°/Asm
 Light Color  3000K, 5000K, 6500K
 Body Color  Optional RAL colors
 CRI  >90


 Ordering Details    
 Product Code  Power  Lenght  Light Color  Lumen
 Cesar Mini Ing.9.AC.N.4.25  9W  330mm  4000K 1350 
 Cesar Mini Ing.14.AC.N.4.25  14W  330mm  4000K 2100 
 Cesar Mini Ing.18.AC.N.4.25  18W  630mm  4000K 2700
 Cesar Mini Ing.27.AC.N.4.25  27W  630mm  4000K 3760 
 Cesar Mini Ing.27.AC.N.4.25  27W  930mm  4000K 3610
 Cesar Mini Ing.40.AC.N.4.25  40W  930mm  4000K 5980
 Cesar Mini Ing.36.AC.N.4.25  36W  1230mm  4000K 5328 
 Cesar Mini Ing.54.AC.N.4.25  54W  1230mm  4000K 8076

* Products are shown at 25 degrees

* For different options, please contact our team.

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