Linear LED Wallwasher
Surface Mounted Facade Lighting

Cesar mini exterior wallwasher luminarie is mainly usednwall washing, spot lighting and ood lighting. Continuous interconnection with IP67 connectors Mounting bracket made of stainless steel.

Aluminium extruded body with aluminium end caps offering various installation types. It is available as dimming options and many customizations options.

PRODUCT CODE Input Power Light Color Lenght Control
Cesar Mini.8.320.D.RGB.XX 220V/AC 8W RGB 328mm DMX
Cesar Mini.12.320.D.RGB.XX 220V/AC 12W RGB 328mm DMX
Cesar Mini.16.620.D.RGB.XX 220V/AC 16W RGB 628mm DMX
Cesar Mini.24.620.D.RGB.XX 220V/AC 24W RGB 628mm DMX
Cesar Mini.27.920.D.RGB.XX 220V/AC  27W RGB 928mm DMX
Cesar Mini.40.920.D.RGB.XX 220V/AC  40W RGB 928mm DMX
Cesar Mini.36.1220.D.RGB.XX 220V/AC  36W RGB 1228mm DMX
Cesar Mini.54.1220.D.RGB.XX 220V/AC  54W RGB 1228mm DMX
Cesar Mini.36.1520.D.RGB.XX 220V/AC  40W RGB 1520mm DMX
Cesar Mini.54.1520.D.RGB.XX 220V/AC  57W RGB 1520mm DMX


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