Designed for architectural
color-changing RGB or
RGBW facade lighting

Aluminum extrusion body
Tempered Glass
High Power LED
High Efficiency Built-IN Power Supply
Continouos interconnection with IP67 connectors
Mounting bracket made of Stainless steel
Power factor>90% full loading
Production in different lengths
Optional body colors
ENEC Standards

Light Beam 12° / 20° / 34° / 45° / 60° / Asymm
3 / 3+3 pins Circular M19 Type
DMX512 Control System
-30C°/+60C° Temperature
Up to 4 channels Space address

PRODUCT CODE  W Lenght  Temp  Lumen*
CESARMini.9.328.N.RGB.X 9 328 RGB/RGBW  
CESARMini.18.328.N.RGB.X 18 328 RGB/RGBW  
CESARMini.18.628.N.RGB.X 18 628 RGB/RGBW  
CESARMini.36.628.N.RGB.X 36 628 RGB/RGBW  
CESARMini.27.928.N.RGB.X 27 928 RGB/RGBW  
CESARMini.45.928.N.RGB.X 45 928 RGB/RGBW  
CESARMini.36.1228.N.RGB.X 36 1228 RGB/RGBW  
CESAR.48.1228.N.RGB.X 48 1228 RGB/RGBW  

Cesar Family Wallwashers have big family for your design.
We have Cesar as Biggest Case Built in, Cesar Mini Smaller Case as Built in version and Cesar SLIM slimmest version ever not built in. 

Cesar Family Wallwashers are designed to have high efficiency RGB and RGBW and RGB-A/X Colors.  It is fully aluminum finish including end caps and stainless steel montage brackets. Can be aluminum as optional. It gives you Symmetric and Asymmetric optic lens options. Integrated power supply units provides easy installation and long term success. Both sides Cesar Wallwashers have Male and Female Ip68 Connectors unders the products. Cesar Wallwasher designed to have Continuous connection to give great facade effects. It has IP67 Protection against to water and dust. Cesar RGB RGBW Wallwashers have integrated / Built in power supply and DMX512 HB LUX Color Changing System Technologies inside of the body. Each product have own controller and it provides easy installation. Prefered to have most efficient Red Green and Blue and White Colors high lumen and Candelas. Up to project we can make built in system as remotely as well. 


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