LED surfaced type
circular LED lighting fixture

Aluminum extruded body
Anodized coating
UV protected frosted diffuser
Adjustable length steel ropes
Nickel plated brass parts
Constant current LED driver
Electrostatic powder coating paint
Production in different lengths
Optional body colors
ENEC Standarts

PRODUCT CODE W Lenght Temp Lümen*
POLARISLSF.17.360.N.4.120 17 360 4000K 1904
POLARISLSF.25.470.N.4.120 25 470 4000K 2802
POLARISLSF.38.600.N.4.120 38 600 4000K 4256
OLARISLSF.80.900.N.4.120 80 900 4000K 8960
POLARISLSF.143.1200.N.4.120 143 1200 4000K 17000
  • According to 4000K light temperature

Do you need different Option for your project?

  • Bigger size or bigger diameter? 
  • Higher Power and Lumen?
  • Only single Rose or central connection?
  • Direct or Indirect,
  • Surface Type or Recessed Type? Contact to our team

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