LED surfaced type
High Performance Industrial Lighting

Highly engineered and manufactured for Outdoor areas. POTEN, the Rectangular modular highbay is 5 years warranty High bay made of Aluminium die cast Housing (adjustable bracket).

Available in High power options up to 72W and 110 lumens. We are using High-output Led Chips in 6500K, 5000K, 4000K and 3000K options which can be customized upon request. The highbay is using tempered glass. Thanks to Adjustable brackets, it can be easily mounted anywhere and only Plug&Play.

Product Code Power Light Color Dimensions  Lumen
POTEN.16.AC.N.4.120 16W  4000K 600 1693
POTEN.32.AC.N.4.120 32W  4000K 1200 3386 
POTEN.38.AC.N.4.120 38W  4000K 1500  3974 
POTEN.32.AC.N.4.120 32W   4000K 600  3386 
POTEN.50.AC.N.4.120 50W   4000K 1200  5150 
POTEN.55.AC.N.4.120 55W  4000K 1500  5640 
POTEN.48.AC.N.4.120 48W  4000K 600  5079 
POTEN.75.AC.N.4.120 75W  4000K 1200  8460 
POTEN.85.AC.N.4.120 85W  4000K 1500  8460 

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